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Honestly people keep leaving AVEN because some of the moderators there are just so damn bad at their jobs and they seriously pull the whole shit with “I don’t care who started it!” I’ve seen people get banned for calling people assholes for attacking them and calling them slurs and in general being bigoted assholes because “namecalling” is against the terms of service. Like, seriously, what the fuck. Not only that, but they unpermaban really horrible people, and let some really bad people stay just because “Well they didn’t call anyone a NAME” Maybe not but they’ve been harassing that agender person for an hour about how they have to choose between being a boy and a girl and you let that slide meanwhile you’ve banned that person over there for calling that guy and asshole. Granted, AVEN is a great place for an asexual to meet other aces and learn about asexuality, but the community is so poorly handled that a lot of people have all-together stopped using AVEN altogether, and really, letting a place like that get so bad for a lot of people just because you want to baby some people who are saying homophobic and transphobic shit to people and treat the rules like some kind of black and white system where you can literally do anything as horrible as you want so long as it isn’t specifically described in the rules and people get punished for calling people bigots for this stuff? That like, defeats the whole purpose of the site.

When I got to move back into this room after my sister moved out I was excited. I would finally have privacy, I would get to be alone to work on my art and schoolwork, I could watch videos and listen to music without having to try to ignore the blaring sound my brother made ( and he calls ME loud). But that privacy I sought wasn’t what I thought it would be. There’s something about this room. Ever since I settled in here I have been quick to sleep but plagued with nightmares. Last night, there was the sound of heavy footsteps on the floor as I was laying down and facing the wall (I turned on the light and looked: noone there. Now, this computer I am typing on, it turned on and logged me in by itself. As convenient as this is, I don’t think I will be sleeping tonight.