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I don’t understand why people overreact so badly when they “get put in the friendzone”: using quotation marks because we all know that the term was invented by crybaby manchildren. I mean: friendship is awesome, even if you’re heartbroken and disappointed, which I get I’ve been there, it’s like, you’re hoping to get let’s say, your favorite flavor of icecream, but it turns out you get your second favorite flavor instead. A decent person decides well “not what I was hoping for but hey, delicious icecream!” while the obnoxious asshole throws the icecream on the ground and whines about it. It’s like, dude, you weren’t even entitled or expecting to get any icecream in the first place and you act like a total ass when it turns out it’s not your favorite flavor grow the fuck up.

Me: Makes a joke and says that I’m glad I’m asexual

Random Bisexual Dude I’d Never Met: “well that’s your problem, I fuck cute people regardless of gender

Me: Makes effort to ignoring them calling my sexuality a problem and makes a joke concerning the powers of pan and asexuals combining

RBDINM: “No I’m bi: which is the same thing as pansexual since those are the only two real genders.”

Me: Loses all patience